Comprehensive Cyber Security Service

Cyber security readiness and responsiveness are key to surviving a cyber security incident. Our services cover all the bases; from implementing cyber controls, digital evidence management, to robust policies and procedures that protect your business. 

Our Services

Cyber Security Review

A comprehensive cyber security review is the best way to assess your current position and walk away with a detailed strategy including, clear recommendations and an action plan. We can customise a range of services tailored to your needs.

  • Review of infrastructure, data repositories and available logs
  • Review of IT policies, employment, supplier and customer contracts
  • Meeting with executive team to communicate cyber risks and business benefits
  • Review of general business operations for potential risk
  • Privacy policy review
  • Security incident response review
  • Office 365 health check
  • WFH security health check
  • Framework reviews including ISO 38500, 27001 and ACSC Essential Eight.

Insider Threat Readiness

Cyber security breaches often happen from within businesses. It’s important to ensure your cyber security policies and monitoring processes cover insider threats as securely as they do outsiders.

  • Review and improvement of internal monitoring processes and policies for employees
  • Employment contract review
  • Employee departing process, policy and documentation review
  • Proper termination of employees access to IT systems.

Cyber Security Incident Response

When cyber incidents happen, we’re here to help. If you have been a victim of a cyber-attack, whether it’s just happened or you’re looking to review and regroup, get in touch, we’re here to help.

  • Forensic analysis of incident, including analysis of logs, capturing images of devices hard drives and memory dumps
  • Statement of Evidence
  • Legal response and recovery
  • Containment, eradication and removal of threat
  • Assistance with IT remediation. 

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Ensuring staff are compliant with cyber security policies is integral to the successful execution of any cyber security framework. This is especially true in a work from home world, where risk has increased exponentially. We offer a range of training options from cyber security employee awareness training to data and privacy

  • Digital forensics – why it’s important to business
    Insider cyber threats
  • Board and exec management education on changing legislation
  • Key elements to a HR employment contract
  • IT Policy
  • Privacy policy
  • Cyber threats
  • Cyber security for the modern-day worker
  • External Cyber threats.

Cyber Liability Insurance Review

Cyber liability insurance requires proactive cyber security measures to comply with your policy. A cyber liability insurance review ensures you understand your policy obligations, coverage and shortfalls.

  • Cyber security insurance contract review
  • Compliance check of legal policies
  • Review of technical control requirements for cyber insurance
  • Cyber security framework implementation such as 27001/SACSF
  • Governance and tech assistance for contract compliance.  
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